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Checking Your Furnace

Checking Your Furnace

It can be tempting to hold off on turning your furnace on for as long as possible in early fall, but it’s better to check it earlier than that because if there is a problem you don’t want to find out about it on the first cold day of fall. That combination of clear sunny days and cooler nights associated with autumn affords homeowners the ability to keep their homes comfortable while saving on heating and cooling costs. By using the solar warmth accrued throughout the day and using a few extra layers of clothing or additional blankets at night will also help, but the point is that you should test out your furnace earlier rather than later so you don’t have to go without heat once you need finally need it.

When you are turning on the furnace for its first cycle in several months, make sure first to check out and inspect the area around the furnace for objects that may have been placed on or around the furnace during the warmer months, as these items can often be fire hazards when the furnace heats up. You will likely smell a burning odor that comes from accumulated dust and lint that should burn off and go away fairly rapidly, but feel free to open a few windows to help the smell dissipate faster. If you continue to smell a burning odor you should turn off your furnace immediately and contact your local HVAC service provider. This is a sign that your furnace needs to be serviced. It is also a good time to check the batteries in your smoke alarms, and replace the filter in your HVAC system at regular intervals.

What Kind of Air Conditioner Contractor Services Does United Home Comfort Offer?

The air quality of the air in your home is very important for your health and can have a major effect on allergies. People with pet allergies have to be mindful of allergens in the air such a fur and dander, which can trigger an allergic reaction in people who suffer from allergies. In order to purify and ensure the quality of the air in your home, you will need to upgrade your HVAC system’s filtration system. Keeping your home clean and free of dust and pet dander with daily vacuuming and dusting will go a long way towards keeping homeowners with pets and allergies safe and happy. Brush your pet daily if possible, and preferably do it outside to prevent further allergens circulating in your home. Keep your pet off of all the furniture, and be sure to open windows frequently to allow in fresh air.

When you are ready to upgrade your IAQ system or when you need HVAC sales or service, the trusted professionals of United Home Comfort will help you find the right air conditioner to suit your needs in Bowling Green OH. Get in touch with us today and let us show you why we’re the best air conditioner contractor in the area!

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