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Geothermal Heating Pumps

geothermal heating and cooling services in Bowling Green, ID

If you want a home in which the temperature is consistent, comfortable and maintained by a high performing system that is not expensive to operate or challenging to run, then a geothermal heating and cooling system are exactly what you need. Residential geothermal HVAC systems are both a green and a cost-effective solution to warming and cooling your home. United Home Comfort Inc in Bowling Green, OH is your source for residential geothermal heating and cooling systems. Call us now 419.352.7092! Our team installs WaterFurnace brand units.

Ohio experiences all four seasons, with long hot summers and short, freezing winters. Geothermal systems are perfect for the area. Although outdoor temperatures fluctuate, internal ground temperatures tend to remain consistent at a depth of around 6-feet. Residential geothermal systems move heat to and from the ground.

Geothermal systems are comprised of an indoor unit and a buried system of pipes, referred to as an earth loop. The indoor unit has a heat pump, liquid heat-exchange medium, and air-delivery ductwork. During the winter the indoor unit will compress and increase the heat while it moves it through the house. During the summer months, the unit removes heat from the structure, pushes it through the buried pipes where it distributes back into the ground.


Eco-Friendly Green Heating and Cooling for your Home

These systems do not burn fossil fuels to run, nor do they emit carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide or any other greenhouse gas. Which is great for your family, your home and the environment. Geothermal systems last years longer than traditional HVAC systems and require little maintenance. When you install and use a geothermal heating and cooling unit you are ensuring that your home is working with the earth and not against it. Geothermal heating and cooling systems genuinely are a green solution.

Geothermal systems also cut down on noise pollution as there is no fan continually running outside keeping your home cool in the summer. All the equipment is either in your home or buried in the ground. Which means no unsightly outdoor units to manage. There are also local and federal incentives for installing a geothermal system in your home.

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The installation and service team with United Home Comfort Inc is dedicated to providing the best service in the industry. We search out innovative technologies that put us at the forefront of home services for heating, cooling, plumbing and electric. Whether it’s repair and maintenance you require or new solutions to tradition home comfort needs, we are your team in the Bowling Green area. Our licensed and insured technicians have the expertise to get the job done for you.

If you are looking for more information about the advantages of geothermal heating and cooling systems for your home in the Bowling Green, OH area we recommend calling us at 419.352.7092. United Home Comfort Inc. we are available Monday through Friday from 7:30am through 4:30pm. From there you can read more in the “Conservation Way” newsletter about the added benefits of utilizing this technology.

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