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Checking Your Air Conditioner

Checking Your Air Conditioner

We’ve all been there. It’s the middle of summer, and your air conditioner decides to stop working on you. Next thing you know, you are hot and sweaty. It’s not a lot of fun, not only because you are uncomfortable with the temperatures but also because you know that an air conditioner repair is going to be costly. At United Home Comfort of Bowling Green OH, we strive to take the discomfort out of air conditioner problems by outfitting you with an air conditioning contractor who is up to the task of fixing your problems right the first time. Call us at 419.352.7092 today to find out more about how we can help serve all your heating and cooling needs!

People are sometimes in the dark about their HVAC system, but there is no reason to be uninformed or intimidated by what heats and cools your home. Let’s examine some myths and ideas about air conditioners. Dramatically raising or lowering your thermostat is actually counterproductive. Air conditioning systems are meant to maintain a constant temperature, so the benefits of changing temperatures are often mitigated by the extra cost and usage caused by moving the thermostat. It is best to pick a comfortable temperature and use fans as needed. That way, you preserve your air conditioning unit and minimize cooling costs.

If you need an air conditioner contractor in Bowling Green OH, United Home Comfort is your go to source for installation, service, and repair. We have the certified technicians and installation experts available to assist you if you have installation or repair needs for your heating and cooling system. The team at United Home Comfort has over 100 years of combined experience in heating, cooling and air conditioning systems and our satisfied customers have us convinced that we are the best trained and certified air conditioning contractors in Northwest Ohio. We have the 365 days a year service contracts that mean you will never have to sweat your air conditioning; you can leave that up to us.

What Kind of Air Conditioner Contractor Services Does United Home Comfort Offer?

It should be noted that you cannot control humidity using your thermostat, but that lowering your thermostat’s temperature may lower your house’s humidity level. Also, it should be noted that fans cool a room by circulating air, not by lowering temperatures. In other words, running a fan or something that otherwise moves air in a room that you are not in does no good and is actually a waste of energy resources. Use clothing and adjust your thermostat carefully, using fans to move air as needed.

Everyone wants to maximize their comfort inside their home while keeping heating and cooling costs as low as possible. By having installation or service performed by United Home Comfort, your go-to air conditioner contractor, your Bowling Green OH home will not only be warm, cool, and comfortable, but you will also know that your air conditioning needs are being handled by professionals.

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