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Wind Power


Wind Turbines from United Home Comfort Inc.

Since 1980, United Home Comfort has led the way with the very best in energy saving green product and service:

  • WaterFurnace® Geothermal heating and air
  • Briggs & Stratton® standby power generation
  • Hallowell® low temperature heat pumps and
  • Lennox® ultra high efficiency heating.

Now, that commitment to quality and sensible design includes the Wind Energy 700 – Hybrid Solar and Wind Power System (“WE700”).

The Wind Energy 700 wind/solar hybrid is unmatched in its power generating performance. Low start-up and cut-in speed are proof of efficiency and effectiveness. Compared with other competing systems there is no match.

The WE700 begins producing power at only 5.5 mph! It converts even the lowest wind speeds into free, clean, green energy for your home. And it’s affordable.

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. Has the WE700 been put through any testing?

The WE700 has been put through extensive testing including wind speeds of up to 130 mph! Installed all over the U.S, Canada and Europe, it has been thoroughly tried tested and proven.

2. Does the WE700 qualify for the 30% IRS tax credit?

Yes, the 30% IRS tax credit includes purchasing and installation cost. And the 30% IRS tax credit is an uncapped credit, meaning you will be eligible for the full 30% of the purchase and installation cost plus or minus Federal taxes due or refunded. It is limited only by your total tax liability and can be spread over 2 years.

3. Can the WE700 be grid connected?

Yes, the WE700 has the following options: It is designed to work with a bank of preferably eight 6volt deep cycle lead/acid batteries, tied in series to equal around 24-27D\C Volts and it can work with just that. It also can be grid assisted, meaning if you need continual uninterrupted A/C power, you will always have it. It can also be grid tied (depending on which system will best suit your needs) for net metering (selling excess/ unused power back to your utility company).

4. Can the WE700 be upgraded?

Yes. This is a modular system. Additional solar panels and or wind turbines can be added to the same control panel initially installed.

5. What happens when the power lines go down?

Yet another advantage of the WE700: With other grid tied turbines, if a power outage were to occur, most utility companies require that they be shut down to prevent back feeding – leaving the home owner without power. The battery backup system on the WE700 can still supply the home owner with power when the lines are down.

6. Since the combined max output wattage is approx 1200 watts, is that all that I can expect to power with it?

Not at all, this is simply the max charging rate of the battery banks! The power inverter has the capability of about a 3 sec. 40 amp peak, with around a 20 amp continuous draw.

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