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Perrysburg Wind Turbines

Wind Turbines in Perrysburg, OH

United Home Comfort has been the preeminent leader for renewable sources of energy in Ohio for decades. We strive to find new green services and products that save you money on energy bills. Being a leader in the industry means we are always moving ahead of the rest. This now includes wind turbines for your home. Our residential turbines, The Wind Energy 700-Hybrid Solar system can be installed on your property by our professionals.

Our Turbine’s Features

The WE700 is designed to work from a bank of 6-volt, deep cycle, lead batteries, tied further to a series of 24-27D/C volts and can also be grid assisted, providing uninterrupted power. The second feature of the WE700 is grid-tied capabilities. This allows the turbine to remain on when power lines are down, and depending on the model you choose to install, can sell excess power back to the power company.

The WE700 turbine starts with wind speeds under 6 MPH and is capable of enduring wind over 120MPH. It has been thoroughly tested in the U.S. and throughout Europe, and Canada. United Home Comfort can add further wind turbines, solar panels, and battery banks to this modular unit. Its power inverts at about 3 seconds 40 AMP peak, with about a 20 AMP continuous draw.

Green Energy for your Home

As you look for ways to make your home in Perrysburg a greener place to live, the WE700 is a great option. Ohio’s wind energy is the perfect resource of alternate energy. It is free, clean, and readily available. When you install the WE700 residential turbine through United Home Comfort, you are eligible for a 30% IRS tax credit, putting some green in your wallet.

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Additional information on the WE700 Hybrid, is available in our location. Please stop by Monday through Friday 7:30am-4:30 pm or call 419.352.7092.

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